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Art of the Possible: Intro to AI is a Course

Art of the Possible: Intro to AI

May 13, 2024 - Jul 20, 2024

$1,500 Enroll

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This certificate provides essential grounding in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). With an emphasis on core principles, participants will gain insights into AI history, types, applications, ethics, safety, and alignment. Accessible to anyone interested, the course explores machine learning, large language models, computer vision, neural networks, and responsible AI use.

Who Is It for?

This is a foundational course for all other courses in AI if you have no experience in it. The course is designed for individuals interested in AI, including students, educators, business professionals, and the curious, with little to no technical knowledge required.


  • Fully online
  • Engaging presentation of content with no live or scheduled lectures
  • Move through the material at your own pace within the dates indicated
  • Facilitator responds to questions throughout the course and leads optional online group meet-ups (discussions, projects, Q & A, etc.)

Learning Outcomes

  • Strong conceptual understanding of AI
  • Insight into AI applications in business or professional settings, and workplace applicability
  • Familiarity with basic tools related to large language models, text-to-image, voice synthesis
  • Ethical use of AI

Modules Include

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Deep Learning
  • Large Language Models, Prompt Engineering
  • Creative AI, Voice Synthesis, Stable Diffusion
  • Ethics, Limitations, and User Responsibility 
  • AI in Business

How to Apply Your Certificate

Upon completion of this certificate, participants will have a foundation of the basic principles of AI. They may then go on to additional courses to gain a deeper understanding of AI in select fields based upon their interest.

Have Questions?

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