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Instructional Design for Educational & Corporate Settings is a Course

Instructional Design for Educational & Corporate Settings

May 13, 2024 - Jul 20, 2024

$1,700 Enroll

Full course description


This certificate explores the principles, methodologies, and best practices that drive the instructional design process. Guided by experienced professionals in the field, you will gain hands-on experience in crafting learning objectives, designing assessments, selecting appropriate instructional strategies, and integrating technology to enhance learning outcomes.

Who Is It for?

This certificate is designed for individuals with a passion for education, training, or professional development. It is ideal for aspiring instructional designers, educators, trainers, curriculum developers, HR professionals, and anyone involved in creating learning experiences. No prior experience in instructional design is required for enrolling in this course.


·      Fully online 

·      Engaging presentation of content with no live or scheduled lectures

·      Move through the material at your own pace within the dates indicated

·      Facilitator responds to questions throughout the course and leads optional online group meet-ups (discussions, projects, Q & A, etc.)

Learning Outcomes

·      Ability to conduct comprehensive learning needs assessments, identify performance gaps, and define clear learning objectives aligned with organizational goals

·      Master instructional strategies and multimedia elements

·      Develop expertise in creating effective assessments, quizzes, and performance evaluations to measure learning outcomes accurately

·      Gain competence in the latest technological and e-platforms to leverage their potential in creating dynamic and interactive learning experiences

·      Master the art of designing user-centric learning experiences that accommodate different learning styles and preferences

Modules Include

·      Understanding Learning Theories

·      Learning Needs Analysis

·      Designing Engaging Learning Content

·      Assessment and Evaluation

·      Technology Integration

·      Learning Experience Design

·      Project Management

·      Collaboration and Communication

How to Apply Your Certificate

Upon successful completion of this certificate, participants will be proficient in their instructional designer skills and will be positioned for instructional design positions.

Have Questions?

Scholarships are now available. For details or additional questions reach out to us at or call 646-592-6680.