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graph Data Analytics and Visualization is a Course

Data Analytics and Visualization

May 6, 2024 - Jul 12, 2024

$1,700 Enroll

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This certificate program is designed specifically for professionals in the business and finance sector who aim to expand their skill set in data analytics and visualization. Offered asynchronously online, the program incorporates a blend of self-paced learning modules supplemented by weekly live online meetups, allowing professionals to study at their convenience while benefiting from real-time interactions with industry experts and peers. 

Who Is It for?

Professionals who wish to learn how to extrapolate information from large data sets to tell a story. This includes formulating strategies for data management, leveraging data to drive essential business choices and applying methods using your own organization’s data or provided data sets.

Participants must either hold a Bachelor's degree or have experience in business, finance or working with data sets. Press both here and here to learn the specifications required on your computer to successfully engage in this course. 


·      Fully online

·      Move through the engaging material at your own pace within the dates indicated

·      Facilitator responds to questions throughout the course 

·      8 online hands-on training sessions (Sundays 3-5pm EST) in Tableau and Power BI, the two most widely used software platforms for Data Analysis

Learning Outcomes

·      Understand the significance and role of data analytics in modern business and finance

·      Utilize key data analytics tools and platforms to analyze large data sets

·      Interpret and draw meaningful conclusions from complex data

·      Design and create informative data visualizations that effectively communicate insights

·      Proficency with Tableau and Power BI

·      Implement data-driven decision-making processes in business or finance scenarios

Modules Include

·      Introduction to Data Analysis

·      Data Analysis Tools

·      Data Cleaning and Preparation

·      Exploratory Data Analysis

·      Data Visualization

·      Advanced Data Analysis

·      Data Storytelling and Presentation

How to Apply Your Certificate

Upon successful completion of this program, participants will gain theoretical and practical skills to analyze, visualize and present data for decision making. They will be prepared for entry-level data analysis and visualization roles and have a solid foundation for further learning in the field.

Have Questions?

Do you still have additional questions or want additional information? Scholarships are now available. For details or additional questions, reach out to us at or call 646-592-6680.