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computer screen Cybersecurity is a Course


Jan 2, 2024 - Aug 9, 2024

$16,900 Enroll

Full course description


Developed in conjunction with the Flatiron School, students in this certificate will discover the skills needed to launch a successful career in the dynamic world of cybersecurity. Throughout the course, students will gain a strong foundation in foundational and intermediate cyber skills, as well as how to leverage artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and ChatGPT to assist with various concepts and tasks.

Who Is It for?

This certificate is designed to provide the participants with the knowledge and skill set needed to enter the cybersecurity field, understand the capabilities and tools needed to protect information systems, and discern the different roles of cyber security professionals.


·      Cohort for men meets in-person at a Brooklyn location, Sun-Thu.

·      Sunday 9:00am-1:00pm, Monday-Thursday 6:00pm-10:00pm

·      Engaging presentation of content by live instructor

·      Ongoing interaction and engagement with fellow learners

An online cohort for women is in formation; contact us at or 646-592-6680 if you’re interested.

Learning Outcomes

·      Gain the skills needed to ensure that the company’s digital assets are protected from unauthorized access, including securing both online and on-premises infrastructures, weeding through data to filter out suspicious activity, and mitigating risk

·      Identify threats and vulnerabilities, then develop and implement high-tech solutions to defend against hacking, malware and ransomware, insider threats and all types of cybercrime

·      Identify and resolve security vulnerabilities affecting digital assets and computer networks

·      Work as a supervisor for all security measures necessary to effectively protect a company or client’s assets and assess possible security threats and create contingency protocols & plans for when violations occur

How to Apply your Certificate

Upon successful completion of this certificate, participants will have the skillset to advance as either a security analyst, cyber engineer or information security engineer, penetration tester, or security consultant.


Tuition loans are available through the Hebrew Free Loan Society. Launching in September, in an exclusive partnership with YU Global, HFLS will provide 0%-interest, no-fee loans to cover the full cost of this course. Enrolled or enrolling students are eligible if they reside in New York City’s five boroughs, Westchester, or Long Island; have annual, pre-tax household income at or below the HFLS moderate-income limit for their household size; and locate two qualified guarantors to guarantee their loan. The link to the loan application will be posted here. Until then, please visit for more information about the nonprofit Hebrew Free Loan Society and the other types of interest-free loans they offer.

Have Questions?

Interested in learning more about our cybersecurity certificate? Our certificate program, which includes access to our career coaches, will help you stand out in the crowd. We are here to help. Reach out to us at or call 646-592-6680 to obtain additional information and evaluate if this course is right for you. Our staff is equipped to address your questions, share more information, and start you on your journey.