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AI for Human Resources is a Course

AI for Human Resources

Aug 19, 2024 - Sep 28, 2024

$2,500 Enroll

Full course description


This course focuses on how AI can transform human resources by enhancing employee engagement, learning & development, decision-making, and workplace wellness. Designed for HR professionals and leaders, the course offers a practical and hands-on approach, emphasizing real-world applications and ethical considerations of AI in HR. Through engaging projects and practical exercises, learners will gain insights and skills to leverage AI responsibly in their HR practices.

Who Is It for?

This course is tailored for HR professionals, managers, and anyone involved in employee engagement, learning & development, analytics, and workplace wellness. It offers a comprehensive understanding of how AI can be used responsibly and effectively within HR.


·       Fully online

·       Engaging presentation of content with no live or scheduled lectures

·       Move through the material at your own pace within the dates indicated

·       Facilitator responds to questions throughout the course and leads optional online group meet-ups (discussions, projects, Q & A, etc.)

Learning Outcomes

·       Understand how AI can enhance employee engagement and personal development.

·       Learn to apply AI in analyzing HR data for insights and decision-making.

·       Grasp the ethical considerations and responsible use of AI within HR (excluding hiring).            

Modules Include

·       AI for Onboarding

·       AI in Learning & Development

·       AI for HR Analytics & Decision Making

·       AI for Compliance and Ethics

·       Ethical Considerations and Responsible AI Use in HR

·       Project: Create an AI-Driven Workplace Wellness Program

How to Apply Your Certificate

This course is designed for professionals in the HR field who would like to incorporate AI technology proficiently and ethically into their HR practices.

Have Questions?

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