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chatgpt Advanced Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT is a Course

Advanced Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT

May 6, 2024 - Jun 24, 2024

$1,700 Enroll

Full course description

Facilitator Led, Community Driven


Learn proper AI prompting from an expert instructor who will respond to questions throughout the course and lead optional online group meet-ups (discussions, projects, Q&A, etc.) as you work through the content asynchronously at your own pace.


Participate in our community of learners, so together we can support the growth and success of one another through a thriving network of peers.


Designed by Industry Expert


Cutting-edge curriculum from Joseph Rosenbaum, Chief Learning Officer at Synthminds. and recognized prompt engineer


Access to Tutorbot


Practice prompting with Tutorbot, an AI assistant trained on course materials that you can ask questions to hone your skills.


Unlock the power of AI through expert-led prompt engineering.


Enroll now and begin using AI like an expert in your work!


Course Recommendations

You will benefit from acquiring a subscription to ChatGPT+ prior to the start of the course, particularly for the last module as it will require access to fully practice with the various tools.

How to Apply Your Certificate

This certificate aims to empower learners to apply prompt engineering techniques effectively within their existing professional workflows.

Have Questions?

Scholarship are now available. For details or additional questions, reach out to us at or call 646-592-6680.