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chatgpt Advanced Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT is a Course

Advanced Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT

Jan 4, 2024 - Feb 17, 2024

$3,500 Enroll

Full course description


This certificate is designed to provide professionals with a thorough understanding of prompt engineering, including its applications for both Language Model Learning Machines (LLMs) and text-to-image tools.

Who Is It for?

This certificate is designed for a vast array of professionals ranging from AI Professionals, Content Creators & Writers, Educators, Product Managers & Developers, Entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to leverage AI in their workflow.


  • Fully online
  • Engaging presentation of content with no live or scheduled lecture
  • Move through the material at your own pace within the dates indicated
  • Facilitator responds to questions throughout the course and leads optional online group meet-ups (discussions, projects, Q & A, etc.)

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of prompt engineering for both LLMs and text-to-image tools
  • Develop a broad spectrum of skills, ranging from beginner to advanced levels, in prompt crafting
  • Apply prompt engineering techniques to real-world scenarios and professional applications
  • Create personalized and professional tools that can be implemented within existing workflows for tasks such as: summarizing documents, creating content, compressing, and analyzing data, basic python coding, etc.
  • Responsibly use AI by understanding the ethical considerations and limitations inherent in prompt engineering

Modules Include

  • Introduction to Prompt Engineering & Responsible Use
  • Text-to-Image Prompt Engineering
  • Intermediate & Advanced Text-to-Image Prompt Engineering
  • Intermediate Prompt Engineering for LLMs
  • Advanced Prompt Engineering for LLMs
  • Introduction Integration into Professional Life & Creating Prompt Templates

How to Apply Your Certificate

This certificate aims to empower learners to apply prompt engineering techniques effectively within their existing professional workflows.

Have Questions?

Do you still have additional questions or want additional information? Feel free to reach out to us at or call 646-592-6680.